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John L. O’Brien, Ph.D.
Littleton, Colorado, US
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Hi, My name is John O’Brien.

My life journey began as the son of a parent whose Bipolar Disorder was not diagnosed for more than the first ten years of my life. As a result of growing up in that environment, by age six, my thinking and emotions began to manifest themselves physically with my inabilty to speak without a humiliating stammer and stutter that I was unable to begin to overcome until I became an Advanced Training Instructor during the Vietnam war. 

Fearing my parent’s fate, I struggled emotionally and studied for more than fifty years to find lasting happiness, emotional peace, healthy personal relationships, and career success.

Over the past several years I have discovered and created Thinkiatry’s (an entirely new field of study) Lifetime Emotional Freedom Steps that have totally changed the quality of my life forever, as they will for you! I have virtually eliminated over fifty years of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. My emotional health, relationships, and personal success have far exceeded levels I would never have believed possible! I have truly discovered and guarantee the steps to Lifetime Emotional Freedom that now must be shared with the millions around the world who live their lives in, often silent, emotional desperation. Even those who considered their lives “emotionally healthy” have been amazed that they haven’t been healthy in many emotional areas – they just “didn’t know what they didn’t know!”

Enough about me . . .

Here’s just a few examples of what our course associate graduates have had to say:

“In my now educated opinion, the Lifetime Emotional Freedom Steps are the discovery of my lifetime. You will be amazed at the immediate IMPACT and most importantly my realization that I CAN eliminate the negative thought habits/addictions that have controlled my emotional life since childhood.”I am truly on my way to lifetime emotional freedom – I feel like I have been re-born and have my own “emotional steering wheel” to guide me the rest of my life! Dr.J’s assistance and coaching are absolutely world class. Lifetime support is priceless. Thank-you for showing me the way to Lifetime Emotional Freedom Dr. John!” - Loretta, Florida 

“John I think of you and use the emotional freedom steps EVERYDAY filled with gratitude and appreciation for helping me change my miserable and frightening emotional life. The Emotional Freedom steps are the solution I had searched for years to find! Bless You Dr. John” -  Elizabeth, England

“Hey Dr. J, I am not a writer so I will say it the only way I know how – If you don’t take this emotional freedom online course you are a fool! For my entire life, I thought negatively most of the time, and for the first time I can remember, I am happy, in total control of my emotions, and excited about my future. You are an amazing thinker and teacher John! Thank-you my friend. - Leo – Bronx, NY

I think you are such a great teacher and person Dr. J. You have figured out what most people seek and teach us each step to be happy and successful each day. Your teachings and emotional freedom steps have changed my life, for the better, forever! - Liz, California

The adage “positive thinking” is overused, and folks misunderstand the idea. Dr. John shows how thinking negative thoughts can only bring negativity into your life. He teaches you the steps to break the cycle of negative thinking in order to truly start living a happy, productive, fulfilling life! His Lifetime Emotional Freedom Steps are literally century’s overdue! Thanks John! - Debby, Ohio

Despair no more! John asks the question…WHY? And then gives you the answers. I cannot recommend John’s work highly enough because quite simply, I have found no equal. His outstanding work will give you amazing new knowledge, priceless new skills, coaching, and emotional freedom steps that last a lifetime. - Clive, Australia

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OF COURSE, that’s how you have typically been conditioned to THINK your entire life about anything new, requiring change, and movement outside your comfort zone! But, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a negative emotion without the automatic negative thinking habit we all use to create them, and we don’t even know!. You are only steps away from emotional freedom each day for the rest of your life! If you don’t agree, the steps are free!

Your thoughts, comments, questions, PLEASE; I personally respond to all!

Please Note: No haters, or abusive language please – you need this course the most, but you have an ego in denial controlling your thinking, behavior, and your life’s destiny – perhaps someday you’ll find the courage to change. Thank-you for your respect and courtesy. Best Wishes, John

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